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Foodology draws attention to the interconnection between food, health, quality of life and sustainable local economic development. By exploring current events, local celebrations, proposed theories, and ongoing debates about food, the show is educational, useful, timely and provocative.

Foodology exposes people to fresh perspectives on food and broadens dialog on food issues. Every time you put something in your mouth, you're making a decision that has political, economic, cultural, and sociological ramifications.

Foodology seeks to answer a variety of questions including:
1. Do you know who handled your food before you put it in your mouth?
2. Where were potatoes first domesticated?
3. Where is the largest mozzarella factory in the world?
4. How far did those apples travel to get to your pantry?
5. What makes for a healthy chicken?
6. How did we end up with 38 million obese Americans?
7. 80% of all food sold in New Mexico is imported. What happens if a disaster stops those imports?
8. Should there be soft drink machines in high schools?
9. Can a vegetarian successfully follow the Atkins diet?
10. Does government regulation and inspection really make our food safe?



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Foodology Luminaries
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Greg Gould

Elise Eberle

Ned Omalia

Allen Parkman

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