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Foodology is financed by advertisers and sponsors who believe in the program and want effective, measurable ad buys. Foodology is determined to show advertisers the benefits of sponsoring the show.

Typically, television advertisers develop and pay for their own 15 or 30 second spots. After choosing shows that are representative of their product's perceived buying demographic, the spots are shown during breaks in the program. Unfortunately for this model, technology continues to make it easier for viewers to zap advertisments between show segments, making advertising dollars less and less effective.

Foodology aims to develop a different relationship with advertisers and sponsors in which product placement and direct participation takes place within the show content. Agencies and advertisers alike are beginning to recognize product placement as an effective alternative to reach their consumers.

What does an advertiser get in return for sponsoring a show?
Product Placement Advertising Spot
  Embedded in the show Distinctly different from show
Becaue of episode repeats, product placements will be shown at least twice, and probably more. Ads will be shown during breaks in as many episodes as desired.
The product placement message will be identicle in subsequent repeats (expensive to alter) The ad message can be changed as desired from episode to episode
Closing Credits at the end of each show instruct viewers to go to foodologyshow website for advertiser coupons and specials
Banner ads and links on the foodologyshow.com website for six monthes
Banners, links and/or advertiser specials in the Foodology Newsletter

Foodology is using various methods to measure the value of advertisers' product placement:
Website Banners (clickthrus)
Online Survey
Newsletter (clickthrus)








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